Kotka: Korkeakoski branch of Kymijoki river soon after sunset on a calm summer evening. In the front is a platform used for washing of carpets. View from Kotka city in southeastern Finland.

Captured: Sunday 07 August 2005 (21:58)   |   Large version


Ciao, your pictures are always wonderful!

Now I live in Helsinki maybe we could meet one day ;)

10.08.2005 (17:27)


Moi suomalaiset ... asuin suomessa ... ah, forget it, my Finnish was good 25 years ago but hardly exists today. I lived in Vantaa for a year as an exchange student and felt soooo at home with the people and the landscape. I walked the streets of Helsinki, loving being half lost, on the weekends, also travelled all over the country, thanks to wonderful host families. Your spectacular photographs let me return, if for just a moment, every day. I started visiting in the spring ... can't wait til the snow falls! Alanna (they called me Alu)

10.08.2005 (19:02)


Alanna I can relate.... I lived in Kotka as an exchange student 10 years ago! I miss it so much! Makes me a little homesick to see something like this picture which reminds me of all the wonderful times I had in Finland! Especially since Langinkoski on the Kymijoki was one of my favorite spots, and this picture brings me right back there..... ok, I must go to bed now.... now that I am all homesick again for my second home... have to be at work early tomorrow morning.

11.08.2005 (06:56)

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