Helsinki: The Uspenski Cathedral rising above the buildings on the northern shore of Katajanokka district. In the background are the towers of St. John's Church. View from Tervasaari island.

Captured: Tuesday 31 January 2006 (17:22)   |   Large version


The recent night shots have been great. I love to see these, since most of them aren't the typical postcard shots of Uspenski or Lutheran, or Eduskunta. Adding the local context of the city - these row buildings, some streets and signs, people, etc. - makes these big shots so much more real. Right on, Niklas.

02.02.2006 (16:42)


Great composition! The reflections add a lot to this photo...

03.02.2006 (00:20)


Fantastic work. Just added you to my Fav list. Keep it up. Aaron

06.02.2006 (02:23)


Complimenti! foto eccezionali e sito bellissimo

06.02.2006 (23:00)

Samuel Rhodes

Man, I haven't visited your site for a some time now and you are just getting better and better!

07.02.2006 (13:49)


Very nice. Out of pure curiousity, what shutter speed and aperture did you use to take it?

10.02.2006 (00:40)

Niklas Sjöblom

2 seconds and F/4.1 automatically set by my camera at ISO 50. The picture was shot in RAW mode and exposure compensation (+1,5 EV?) was applied to the dark parts of the image.

10.02.2006 (18:44)

Antonio Mato

Hi there,
I was in Helsinki once, in the summer 2004 and I really love it, much more than Spain ( Im spanish), its really wonderful, I was amazed by the stunning landscapes, the beautiful lakes and the friendly people.

Congratulations for your great job.


06.03.2006 (13:24)

Evi * Greece *


18.04.2006 (00:03)

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