Helsinki: A pilot boat in the Kustaanmiekka strait on a very cold morning, following one of the ferries arriving from Sweden daily. View from Kustaanmiekka, one of the Suomenlinna islands.

Captured: Monday 06 February 2006 (09:30)   |   Large version


nice one!

07.02.2006 (12:10)

Samuel Rhodes

I would only add a sound track while gazing this dramatic picture; preferably Finlandia by Sibelius

07.02.2006 (13:56)


Wow, great shot, congrats.

08.02.2006 (11:31)


This is just an unbelievable shot. Amazing.

09.02.2006 (09:04)


Scary! i am still waiting for the Helsinki monster to come out of the water. Great atmosphere

15.02.2006 (02:14)



11.07.2008 (22:36)

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