Helsinki: A distant "totem pole" visited by curious explorers on the frozen sea district of Lauttasaarenselkä, a ten-minute walk from the shore of Kaivopuisto district.

Captured: Sunday 26 February 2006 (14:13)   |   Large version


Interesting picture - but what exactly is this 'totempole' for? Can anybody explain it to me (I live near the alps, far away from frozen seas...).

02.03.2006 (21:30)

Niklas Sjöblom

I'm waiting for someone to explain it to me, too. Most likely it's some kind of a navigation mark. I noticed the same pole can be seen in a picture taken before the sea froze, on December 1st, 2005.

03.03.2006 (23:12)


I believe Totem Poles are sacred Native American structures. Usually they are carved to represent spirits that are sacred to the people. They are usually carved out of a tree trunk and placed up right for religious ceremonies.

If I am remembering my grade school education correctly.

10.03.2006 (23:47)



I see that I answered the wrong question in my previous posting. I do not know what this particular tower is for. It is an intriguing question...

14.03.2006 (19:59)


It's the cardinal mark 'North', just a bit larger than usual. The odd thing on the top is a radar reflector.

14.03.2006 (21:12)


Thank you Niklas, Ariel and Antti for your helpful explanations. Next time I arrive at helsinki harbour by ferry I will watch out carefully for these 'totem poles'.

21.03.2006 (22:24)

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