Hanko: Högholmen headland in Tvärminne, about 10 kilometres east of the city of Hanko. The sandy bottom and the shallow sea make it possible to wade far away from the shore.

Captured: Sunday 06 August 2006 (19:58)   |   Large version

Evi from Greece

Just beautiful...
I like so much these colours, excellent!

16.08.2006 (21:38)

Melissa from Canada

The barely visible ripples of sand beneath the water give the photo a dreamlike quality. It appears as if you were standing in the water to take the picture!

17.08.2006 (21:08)

Niklas Sjöblom

Melissa, actually I was standing in the water. :) I waded all the way from the shore seen in the picture.

17.08.2006 (21:22)


Wow, you are one dedicated artist! As we say in Canada, you rock! :)

17.08.2006 (21:25)

Evi from Greece

I totally agree with Melissa, itis just i couldn't find the proper words to describe these " ripples of sand " as she said, which are really beautiful and add something different to the whole image.
Thank you Melissa ;-)

17.08.2006 (21:39)

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