Helsinki: As darkness fell and the full moon rose, a mute swan swam on the moonpath between the lighthouse island of Harmaja and the southeastern shore of Lauttasaari district.

Captured: Wednesday 09 August 2006 (22:32)   |   Large version

Evi from Greece

Lucky swan :-)

22.08.2006 (16:36)

Annick from France

Thank you for this beautiful photo and the pronunciation exercise you propose in the corresponding comment: "a mute swan swam..." !

22.08.2006 (20:39)

Melissa from Canada

Sometimes when I look at pictures like this, I have to wonder how many nights you have turned down invitations to parties because it was a full moon, or just the right light. You are truly dedicated. Swans don't swim into the full moonlight for just anybody. They do it for people who are patient and true nature lovers. Another incredible photo Niklas..(ps I bet you don't have time for TV either!)

22.08.2006 (21:58)

Evi from Greece

@ Melissa
You have absolutely right for once more...
Niklas' photos are really stunning in every way...
I wonder myself too, if there is space for everything else sometimes...
On the other hand if you want to be as good as Niklas is, you must make a lot of sacrifices.
Niklas, we admire you ...Keep it up buddy :)

22.08.2006 (23:46)

Gré from the Netherlands


23.08.2006 (01:17)

Niklas Sjöblom

Thank you all so much for your comments! Greece, France, Canada, the Netherlands... What next? :)

Evi and Melissa, contrary to what you might think, I nowadays spend much less time moving around with my camera than I used to do before. Until April 2004 I took pictures every single day, but now there are even whole weeks without a single picture. On the other hand I constantly spend more and more time editing my photos, updating my site, answering emails etc. Actually I would love to have more time for just taking pictures, because after all, sniffing for the right moments and then trying to capture them is what I love the most.

Your visits and comments are an important source of inspiration for me, so please keep doing what you do so well! :)

23.08.2006 (11:03)


Niklas, but one thing you have to explain now: Why is the moon so red (pretending to be Mars *ggg*) on the last picture, and on this one, and the one from Aut. 6, it is yellow? Did you do something special for this effect, or was it really nature?

23.08.2006 (12:42)

Niklas Sjöblom

So it was Austria next. :) Maria, the moon is just like the sun. Near the horizon it looks red, and when it rises, it slowly turns orange, yellow and finally almost white. A lot of smoke from the big forest fires in Russia has drifted in over Helsinki during this month. I think the smoke made the moon look especially red in the previous picture.

23.08.2006 (13:59)


Yeah, Niklas, a trip around the world in a few messages ;-))
Thanks a lot for your explanation. I read about the smoke, but never would have taken it into consideration when wondering about the moon's colour. And in addition, I never really see the moon near the horizon, as I live in a city (too many buildings, and in addition the city is sorrounded by hills covered with forest), or when I visit my parents' place that is surounded by a forest as well. So, always when I get a glimpse on the moon, it's already in the "yellow zone".

24.08.2006 (11:30)


Ahaa, I also wondered. Thanks for the explanation.

26.08.2006 (01:15)


This is a fantastic photo..May I ask from which part of Helsinki did you take this pic?I was there and walked along the sea but didn't have the chance to see that :(

27.08.2006 (15:54)

Niklas Sjöblom

Kiara, the photo was taken from the southeastern shore of Lauttasaari district.

28.08.2006 (00:38)



30.08.2006 (23:16)

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