Helsinki: People waiting for a military parade on the stairs of the Lutheran Cathedral by the Senate Square.

Captured: Friday 18 August 2006 (12:38)   |   Large version


More impressive then the crowded stairs are the clouds left and right. Great shot again!

23.08.2006 (16:51)

Niklas Sjöblom

Maja, those clouds actually are what this picture is all about. :)

23.08.2006 (16:56)

Evi from Greece

Niklas, what did you celebrate there ?

24.08.2006 (20:16)

Niklas Sjöblom

Evi, the Guard Jaeger Regiment, which operates in Helsinki, celebrated its 10th anniversary. There were some recruits on the Senate Square swearing their soldier's oaths. I think most people in my picture were there to watch their son/daughter swear the oath.

25.08.2006 (17:22)


Helsinki can be proud having such a lovely place to celebrate those and other events there.

But different countries - different places.

I agree with Maja and you regarding the clouds. It was a wonderful light to take the picture !!!

17.10.2006 (23:09)

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