Helsinki: The ninth annual Finnish fireworks championships. Rockets shot from Hernesaari district are here seen from the southeastern shore of Lauttasaari district.

Captured: Friday 18 August 2006 (23:18)   |   Large version


Cool, just cool! Who won the contest?

24.08.2006 (11:33)

Niklas Sjöblom

The winner was JoHo Pyro from the Åland islands. Their performance was the last one of five.

24.08.2006 (14:35)

Evi from Greece

Impressive !!!!

24.08.2006 (20:17)


Cool indeed!
Specially the reflex in the water. Within 4 days (28 augustus) we have our yearly fireworks in Groningen. I love it. But i won't try to make a picture of it. I trided once, it was a disaster, only black. I leave that up to you, you make pictures like art!

25.08.2006 (02:05)

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