Helsinki: The ninth annual Finnish fireworks championships. Rockets shot from Hernesaari district are here seen from the southeastern shore of Lauttasaari district.

Captured: Friday 18 August 2006 (23:41)   |   Large version

Evi from Greece

Just wonderful as the previous one (like almost all your photos, actually :-)
No more words to describe it.

24.08.2006 (20:19)


Is it raining gold in Helsinki?
Beautiful picture.

25.08.2006 (01:47)


Yes, it really looks like gold in the sea. What a "rich" town Helsinki is!

25.08.2006 (10:10)


Last year I watched the firework championships from the sea wall just below Kaivopuista park whilst on holiday in Finland. This photograph brought back happy memories of that holiday and Helsinki, as do all your photos. Thank you for keeping those memories so alive - I've followed your photo calendar avidly during the last year.

25.08.2006 (12:41)

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