Lieksa: A small island called Pieni-Hölö in Pielinen lake. Picture taken from the highest hill of Koli National Park in eastern Finland. (On the map: "Citizen's MapSite" / Google Maps.)

Captured: Tuesday 29 August 2006 (15:39)   |   Large version


Oh, how I like this picture!

It triggers many associations and sensations... Nature, freedom, a lot of space and yet cosiness, fresh air, open wings, exposure, frailty, sweetness, loneliness, serenity, blue thoughts...

05.09.2006 (11:06)

Evi from Greece

Beautiful and quite different.

06.09.2006 (00:41)


So many people have seen this and wished they could live on that island! They get a real shock when I tell them it's in Finland! Superb stuff!!

15.09.2006 (01:57)

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