Lieksa: Morning fog in Koli National Park, part 1. A fog bank above Pielinen lake approaches two small islands at sunrise. Picture taken near Ukko-Koli, which is the highest hilltop in the region.

Captured: Wednesday 30 August 2006 (05:42)   |   Large version


Wow!! I wanna wake-up tomorrow with that view

13.09.2006 (01:30)


Gre, not only tomorrow, every day ;-))

13.09.2006 (11:07)



13.09.2006 (14:48)

Evi from Greece

As i have written before as a comment, i love photos with fog very very much. So,this is one more marvelous, stunning photo.
Niklas, what's next? You are really unstoppable !!!!

I also wanna say something to Dupek Chopra answering to his/her comment,or else i will explode :-)))
"..Photos have been very good recently????..." Recently, Dupek?
I watch Niklas' work since February and
i only can say he is a dedicated artist.So,please make decent comments, i know you must try hard to do so, but try or else leave it for God's sake !!!!

Niklas thank you,thank you,thank you, thank you,thank you for what you do...

13.09.2006 (17:12)

Niklas Sjöblom



13.09.2006 (17:50)


Niklas. You get up far too early!!!! But what fantastic results. Think I'll try to get to Koli some time soon. Amazing looking place.

19.09.2006 (18:19)

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