Lieksa: Morning fog in Koli National Park, part 2. The fog bank above Pielinen lake still approaches the small island, which is seen in the previous photo taken from the same spot.

Captured: Wednesday 30 August 2006 (05:59)   |   Large version

Evi from Greece

I can't almost difference when the sky ends and when water begins!!!
Very impressive. Piece of art !
Thank you !

13.09.2006 (19:14)



14.09.2006 (00:48)


Thank you!
I just decited to leave Germany and move to Finland.
This photo is just great. Last year when i was in Finland i sat on a lake like this (a little bit smaller, i think it was the bodomjärvi)! and it was maybe 11 o clock pm and i thought: This can´t be real! I think the same about this picture!
greets from Paula (just leaving Germany)

21.09.2006 (15:55)

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