Helsinki: A tower building on Solnantie street in the district of Munkkiniemi.

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Oh, nice, very nice. Should I ever win a lot of money in the lottery, that definitely is a place I would ask, whether it is for sale.

01.12.2007 (15:41)

Evi from Greece

Beautiful composition, full of charm...

01.12.2007 (23:00)


maria - It's a home of Ville Valo. So it may cost lot of money, if you try to get it. ;-)

02.12.2007 (13:31)


I know it's his home. But, as I said. If I should win a LOT of money (and with a lot, I really do mean much, much, much money), I think, he might not refuse ;-))))

03.12.2007 (11:45)


I want to live there...

23.12.2007 (20:12)


Typically as for ville, but very nice:) I would love to live in a such house but not alone - it may be scare at cold dark winter Finnish winter, isn't it?:)

22.02.2008 (15:33)


Can you tell me the adress(the number) of this tower building please?

24.08.2008 (18:35)


Yes Id love to0 live their too and also not alone cos it has a ghost but Im sure Ville would keep me safe haha

13.12.2008 (21:06)


I know where he lives but Im not saying it is'nt right to give out his address

15.12.2008 (17:24)


can you email me anthonia, please, i have a question i'd like to ask you. My email is

thanks :)

22.12.2008 (05:09)


It`s number 7.

18.01.2009 (17:33)


It's cool to see where he lives and stuff but seriously guys, posting his address is such an invasion of his privacy!!! ville's an amazing musician and yes we all know he's gorgeous but give the guy a break? as if he doesn't get enough attention being out and about now he's gotta have half a million fan-girls camping out on his doorstep? if someone was doing this to one of ville's fans there would be a name for it! STALKER! Think about it...

03.02.2009 (18:16)

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