Helsinki: The full moon rises next to the lighthouse situated on Iso Mustasaari, one of the Suomenlinna fortress islands. Photo taken in the evening twilight from the shore along Ehrenströmintie street in the district of Kaivopuisto.

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Goodness me! Great picture, but how did you get the moon so big? Whenever I take a picture it's always tiny.....

25.04.2008 (18:53)

Niklas Sjöblom

Maria, full zooming (300 mm) makes the moon big. The trick is to be far away, since that makes the moon bigger and the other objects smaller in comparison with each other.

26.04.2008 (16:16)


In addition if I may add that the nearer the Moon is to the horizon the larger it appears.

Great picture.

27.04.2008 (23:28)


Wow! Simply Wow!

29.04.2008 (21:31)

Evi from Greece

Amazing moon, outstanding composition! Very well done!

06.05.2008 (09:06)

Christian @ Mexico

Beautiful Picture!!!, I ever saw pictures with a big moon and always suppose was a "special effect", but this is a good image and a good explanation about how to get one. Saludos

02.06.2008 (03:05)


You've done it again my friend.
I am yet again at a loss of breath and words.

24.07.2008 (11:39)


great image. Magical...makes me want to go to Helsinki right now...

13.12.2008 (14:17)

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