Helsinki: Snowstorm in the city, part 1. Aleksanterinkatu Christmas street seen from Mannerheimintie street in the city centre soon after the Christmas lights were lit.

 On the map   |   Captured: Sunday 23 November 2008 (13:57)   |   Large version


...that's winter ! Very impressive.

26.11.2008 (07:52)


Cool! That is better than other previous years!

26.11.2008 (11:09)

Niklas Sjöblom

Theo & Nui, thanks! That really _was_ better than during previous years! ;)

26.11.2008 (14:46)


This is defiantly one of my favourite photos you've taken.
It has so much character, not saying that your other ones don't because that is certainly not true.

It's just . . . beautiful

27.11.2008 (06:21)


haha, strangely enough, it is snowing right now...;-)

22.11.2015 (10:16)

Niklas Sjöblom

Katharina, so true, but not enough, though. :(

22.11.2015 (21:07)

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