Helsinki: Snowstorm in the city, part 4. View along Kaisaniemenkatu street from near the Railway Square and the city centre.

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These last pictures really look like winter! This year, winter seems to have arrived on time, after last year was far too warm.
These picture make me long for a cup of tea ;-)

28.11.2008 (12:28)


I don't only just wish for the winter like this for the whole Europe but also "last".....

28.11.2008 (21:02)

Evi from Greece

I really can't express of how i LOOOOOVE this one!Plz, send some snow to Athens! :-)

28.11.2008 (21:03)


So, what's that business with the "TEXAS" sign? The weather is very un-Texas-like.

30.11.2008 (08:53)


It's a restaurant which used to be called Eatz, serving a variety of world cuisine.

30.11.2008 (22:02)


I remember similar tram in winter storm which you got last year (I guess if was route #1 then).
Somehow it's what I associate with Helsinki nowadays :)

02.12.2008 (01:39)

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