Helsinki: The night sky above the Gulf of Finland seen from the icy shore of Kustaanmiekka, the southernmost of the Suomenlinna islands. Clearly visible are the constellation of Orion and the brightest object in the sky, the planet Jupiter. The spot in the horizon is the lighthouse island of Harmaja, and on the right some glow of the city lights can be seen. Also visible is the Milky Way, leading up and right from Harmaja lighthouse towards the upper edge of the picture.

 On the map   |   Captured: Tuesday 25 February 2014 (23:09)   |   Large version

Maja Köhlmoos


01.03.2014 (21:20)

Niklas Sjöblom

Maja, thank you!

03.03.2014 (14:53)

John Akins

Beautiful night sky photo! Still love your pictures.

05.03.2014 (07:46)

Niklas Sjöblom

John, thank you!

05.03.2014 (08:37)

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