Helsinki: A winter morning's colourful sunrise above Töölönlahti inlet with the silhouette of Helsinki Cathedral in the background.

Kuvattu 16.12.2015 (keskiviikko) klo 09.36   |   Suuri versio


What a nice picture. Looks as if there is too much gold around in Finnland, so it was shot into the sky...
Really a very nice mood in this picture, I like it a lot.

24.12.2015 klo 13.06


PS: As it is Christmas Eve, I'd like to wish you, Niklas, a very merry holiday season and thanks a lot for all your pictures that always make me long for another visit to Helsinki.
And of course I'd like to extend these wishes to all your loyal followers around the world.
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

24.12.2015 klo 13.10

Niklas Sjöblom

Maria, thank you very much for your comment and your holiday wishes. As you probably know, you're one of my most loyal followers throughout the years. :)
I'm wishing you and all others a Merry Christmas!

25.12.2015 klo 10.56


Kiitos Niklas, kiitos Maria.
Although not on this website every day I agree with your comments, Maria.
I wish you, Maria and Niklas, and all the other viewers and followers in Europe and around the World lovely Christmas Days and a

25.12.2015 klo 14.31

Niklas Sjöblom

Theo, thank you! :)

25.12.2015 klo 22.30


Thanks, guys.
Niklas, as long as you take these beautiful pictures, I will have a look at your homepage. You know, it is your fault, that I visited some places in Helsinki. Otherwise I would not have known, they exist and are worth seeing.

30.12.2015 klo 12.05

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