Helsinki: The waxing crescent moon sets next to the Mikael Agricola Church in a photo taken from the Suomenlinna islands. Café Ursula, located on the shore of Kaivopuisto district, can be seen on the right, and the hill in Kaivopuisto park is on the left.

 On the map   |   Captured: Saturday 12 March 2016 (23:00)   |   Large version


You need to travel for making such great photos sometimes. Excellent! Great!

15.03.2016 (15:17)

Niklas Sjöblom

Theo, thank you! I planned to have the moon behind the church tower, but unfortunately it was not possible this time. Talking about travelling I had to make a trip to Suomenlinna late in the evening for this one. :)

15.03.2016 (15:36)

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