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A photoblog by Niklas Sjöblom with pictures mainly from Helsinki - Finland

taivasalla is a Finnish word meaning 'under the open sky' or 'in the open air'. Almost all photos on this site are taken outdoors, which played a central part in deciding the domain name - Under the Open Sky, formerly known as Views of the Month and View of the Day, is a photoblog consisting of Niklas Sjöblom's photos taken mostly in Helsinki, the seaside capital of Finland, during the years 2002-2007. The blog holds one picture for each day until April 2004, after which a various amount of photos have been published every month. All in all this photoblog contains about 1500 pictures. The oldest pictures are available only in the Finnish browsers and the slideshows, without English captions.

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Me and my cameras

Koli National Park, August 2006

My name is Niklas Sjöblom and I'm a self-taught hobby photographer living in the Katajanokka district of Helsinki city, Finland. I've been enthusiastic about taking pictures since the year 2000, when I bought my first digital camera.

I'm a student at the University of Helsinki, studying mainly statistics and meteorology. My dearest hobby nowadays is photography, others include cycling and backpacking. I'm especially interested in weather and space phenomena, the moon, lighthouses and trams.

For the moment I'm using a Nikon Coolpix 8700 digital camera with 8 megapixels. Some pictures are taken with a Canon Digital IXUS 750 (7 megapixels) camera. My previous device was the Olympus Camedia C-730 Ultra Zoom (3 megapixels), which was used until August 11th, 2004. The first photos on this site (until March 5th, 2003) were taken with my first digital camera, the Canon PowerShot S10 (2 megapixels).

Nowadays I'm shooting my pictures in raw format. Post-processing usually includes rotating (skewing), cropping, adjustments of levels, selective colours and saturation (colour by colour), as well as some noise filtering.

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Copyright and licensing of the pictures

Creative Commons License All photos on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons License. The copyright holder is Niklas Sjöblom. You are free to copy, distribute and display his pictures, and to make derivative works of them for noncommercial purposes, but you must in any case mention the source of the pictures (Niklas Sjöblom / If you modify the pictures displayed on this site, you may distribute the resulting work only under a license identical to this one. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this site. Any of these conditions can be waived with a permission from the copyright holder (Niklas Sjöblom).

More information: The Creative Commons License and its legal code (the full license).

If you would like to use a picture displayed on this site for any other purpose than permitted by the license mentioned above, you need a permission by the copyright holder. You might also be asked to pay an appropriate fee for using the picture, or for having the original (full resolution) version delivered to you. Please ask for publishing permissions and prices by sending email to .

Regarding full resolution images, please note that four different cameras have been used for taking the pictures (see above), and therefore the resolution varies from picture to picture. Possible cropping of a picture also decreases its resolution.

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