My photos appear in the European Figure Skating Championships

20 January 2009

Five of my Helsinki photos appear in the European Figure Skating Championships, which are held in the Hartwall Areena in Helsinki between January 20th and 25th, 2009. The photos, four of which have also been published on my web site, are shown via international television broadcasts all over Europe. The pictures are printed on large screens, which can be seen behind the skaters in the kiss and cry area.

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My pilot boat photo was awarded in Canon's The Assignment

24 June 2008

My photo of a pilot boat taken in February 2006 qualified to the semi-finals in The Assignment, an international photographic competition arranged by Canon. The semi-finalists were selected based on user votes and a panel of judges. My pilot boat photo won the landscape category for Finland, which made me the happy new owner of a valuable product price.

Thank you very much for your votes in favour of my photo! Also many thanks to all visitors of my site, and especially to those of you who use to write comments on my pictures. It's the inspiration you give me that keeps me hunting for new photos. Without your support I wouldn't have been out there on that freezing cold winter morning!

The Assignment semi-finalists >>

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A week at the lighthouse of Märket

16 June 2008

I spent one week at the lighthouse of Märket on June 7th-14th, 2008. The lighthouse is situated on a small islet in the Baltic Sea, on the border between Sweden and Finland. As a member of the Finnish Lighthouse Association I was helping with renovating the decayed building and guiding visitors - and, of course, I took a lot of photos there. :)

Please check my Märket photo diary (link below) to see some photos taken with my mobile phone. Unfortunately the stories are only in Finnish, but in the diary you'll find a link to the "official" Märket diary, which is written in English. No more updates are to be expected in my Märket diary, but it's still kept online for possible future purposes. More photos from the lighthouse of Märket will soon be published here on - Under the Open Sky. >>

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New look - new name

31 January 2006

The site has got a fresh look and a new name: - Under the Open Sky. The Finnish word 'taivasalla' means 'under the open sky' or 'in the open air'. Formerly this site was known as Views of the Month and View of the Day.

Updating the layout was the first step of gradual improvements and new features planned for this site. The second step was taken at the same time, as the English search was finally introduced (see the search page). Unfortunately though, all pictures taken before June 2004 are still in old, non-blog browsers in this English version of the site. Therefore, when using the new search feature (in English), you won't be able to find any older pictures.

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Views of the month in blog format

22 June 2004

The Views of the month site has got a new look and a new publishing system - Movable Type 3.0D.

Update Feb 1st, 2006: Nowadays the site uses Movable Type version 3.15.

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View of the day is now Views of the month

15 April 2004

View of the day has now been replaced with Views of the month. All the daily pictures published in View of the day during the period from October 2002 until April 2004 have been moved to the new Views of the month site and can be viewed there. The photo collection still increases every month.

Minor changes has been made in the layout of the pages, but the major change is that daily photographing and almost daily publishing of pictures are discontinued. This is done mainly due to the fact that taking pictures and updating the pages caused me a huge load of daily work, which I'm now trying to reduce. In the future, pictures are not necessarily published on a daily basis (one day, one picture), but nevertheless many times a month. On the other hand the change makes it possible for me to publish more than one picture a day, while the previous protocol allowed only one picture per day. Therefore the total number of pictures published every month will not necessarily be reduced.

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