Helsinki: The Lutheran Cathedral, the Market Square and buildings on Pohjoisesplanadi street. Morning view over the South Harbour in the opposite direction than in the previous picture.

Captured: Sunday 22 January 2006 (09:19)   |   Large version

Daniele Tatti

What can I say? Colors, shades and contrasts in this photo are reminiscent of a sumptuous oil painting. Icecles on the buildings, dark clouds in the sky, blurred by the fog coming from the frozen sea, all makes for a highly evocative, even upsetting view.

23.01.2006 (15:03)


Wow, you take such beautiful photos. i lived in finland for a while last year. yoou photos make me realise how much i miss the place. please keep up the good work :)

23.01.2006 (16:49)

massimo gerussi

Great Photo!!!!!!!!!!!

25.01.2006 (18:01)

Dupek Chopra

Where is the famous Mannerheim statue covered in snow?

26.01.2006 (14:58)



29.01.2006 (02:32)


This photo is exquisite. I have been using it as Wallpaper for the past few weeks. Your photography is spectacular.Sandie/Canada

22.02.2006 (03:16)

Evi * Greece *

One of my favorites is this one...

18.04.2006 (00:00)


Overwhelming picture!! It really looks like an oil painting!

30.06.2006 (21:29)

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