Helsinki: Snow in the city, part 7. A wintry view from the tram stop in front of Stockmann department store on Mannerheimintie street in the city centre.

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Leandro Raposo

Hi Niklas. My name is Leandro. I am brazilian. I never went to Finland, but i love this country because of your photos. I have almost all saved on my computer. May God bless your day.

12.12.2008 (15:54)

Evi from Greece

The perfect scenery for Christmas! What all your meteorological studies are saying? Are we going to have white Christmas on north suburb of Athens, where i live?

13.12.2008 (16:52)

Niklas Sjöblom

Evi, please stop dreaming, or you're just going to get very disappointed! ;)

13.12.2008 (16:58)


Evi - your are right. It is the perfect scenery for XMAS. Let Niklas have his eyes for all of us looking around for more wonderful photos like this.
We should take this and all the other winter scenes with us and we have the snow we are missing. Although not in reality.
Looking at all those winter photos will bring us into the exact winter feeling and the homelike mood for XMAS.

15.12.2008 (07:52)


I miss Finland :( But hey thanks, your pictures make me feeling like I am in Finland :D

16.12.2008 (13:54)


kaipaan suomea... i've lived there for a while ...
kiitos kuvasta

17.12.2008 (15:14)


Puhutko suomea?! Mahtavaa :D Se on tosi kaunis ja ei kovin vaikeaa kieltä, kuin kaikki luulevat. Heh varmasti puola on vaikeampi... ;)

19.12.2008 (20:37)


@ Jagoda: Puhun vähan, mutta nyt on 2 "maria" tässa. Mina olen Maria Itävallasta. The "maria" that posted up there is - probably - from somewhere else. Therefore:
@ maria #2: Hello, where are you from?

20.12.2008 (09:54)


I was in Helsinki three times in winter but never saw snow there.. hope next time :)

24.01.2009 (21:31)

hieno kuva

Käsivaraltako oot ton kuvannut? Minkälainen valovoima sulla oli putkessa?

29.01.2009 (12:52)

Niklas Sjöblom

Käsivaralta kuvattu, mutta huonolla valovoimalla (aukko 5,3). Valotus oli 1/10 s. ja ISO-asetus 800. Ilman kuvanvakainta olisi varmasti tärähtänyt. Kuvasta on suodatettu pois paljon kohinaa.

13.02.2009 (00:37)

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